Bar leg


And if you embark on the project of creating a bar, La Fabrique follows you!

Building a bar creates an atmosphere in a kitchen or living room that is conducive to discussions such as enjoying an aperitif with friends, Making a bar cabinet can also meet other needs, especially when it is cramped: eat of course and cook by transforming it into a worktop!

For restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars, it is the essential piece of furniture to create unique, warm atmospheres reflecting your menu and your identity.

La Fabrique des Pieds supports you in your Project of Building a bar by offering you a wide range of feet, stable and resistant of course, but also in various styles to meet all your desires and interior design projects.

Bar leg



€15.00 - €195.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

Choose the size of the legs for your bar

Let's start with the big essential question: do you want a bar around which you can sit, with high stools? Or, would you prefer to build a bar where you will stand for a coffee, a quick bite to eat or enjoy an aperitif with friends? ?

The size of your bar legs :

Bar where I use high stools 90 cm 
Bar where I stay standing  110 cm 
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