Bar leg


Creating a bar can meet various needs: create a friendly corner, a dining area for small spaces. Useful in a house or apartment as well as for professional projects: Restaurant and Hotel.

Which leg size to choose and which associated chairs? How to adapt this new creation to an existing decoration style? What color to choose? What about tailor-made? Our team will answer all these questions to guide you in the design.

Bar leg



€15.00 - €195.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

Choose the size of the legs for your bar

Would you like a bar table to sit with stools or high chairs? Or stay up to drink coffee and eat on the go? What height for a bar with its stool or chair?

It's all about size. The ideal foot height is 90 cm for a finished product with seating and 110 cm height to enjoy while standing.

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