Small drum 30cm

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This steel foot is perfect for a coffee table. Practical but also decorative, it can accommodate trays round, square or oval. 

The coffee table is the pearl of a living room. It comes in its color and can be associated with all kinds of board: wood, concrete, quartz, marble. 

This creation is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

The diameter of the plate is 50 cm. You can affix a tray the size of the plate or a larger size. This will depend on the aesthetics you want to give to your coffee table. 

This foot is made with 10cm round drawn and can accommodate a tray weighing up to 100Kg maximum. 

6 mounting holes are provided to come and fix your tray. 

Product Details
petit tambour 30

Data sheet

30 cm
50 cm
Weight per leg
Point de fixation
6 holes of 7mm in diameter
Type de peinture
Forme de plateau
Rond, Ovale
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Bout de canapé, Table basse, Tabouret
Par taille
30 cm