Hairpin legs 35 cm

Tax included

These legs are perfect to create small furnitures (stool, side table nightstand…)

All legs are handmade created.

The fixing plate measures 120mm over 120mm.

They are created in extended circles of 10mm diameter.

3 screws (not provided) are necessary to fix the leg on the top of the table.

They are handmade. Our legs are real « hairpin legs ». The extremety of the legs are heated in order to get a very fine bend radius.

The price is for 1 leg.

HL Simple H30

Data sheet

30 cm
Weight per leg
30 Kg
Plating Size
120 mm x 120 mm
Point de fixation
3 holes of 7mm in diameter
Type de peinture
Forme de plateau
Rond, Carré, Rectangle, Ovale
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Bout de canapé, Meuble TV, Salle de bain, Table basse
Par taille
30 cm