Custom central hourglass

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Define the dimensions of your central hourglass foot depending on the size of your board.

Choose the height, dimensions and shape of your board. It will then be designed by our design office.

This leg is perfect for creating a table dining table, a high table or even a coffee table.

  • RAW UNVARNISHED - WARNING : No protection is applied - Makes visible the traces of grinding on the extremities of the foot.
  • Black - RAL 9005
  • White - RAL 9016
  • VARNISHED RAW - Transparent protective varnish applied - Makes visible the traces of grinding on the extremities of the foot.
  • Purple matte - RAL 3004
  • Marin blue matte - RAL 5011
  • Green Blue satin - RAL 6004
  • Shadow Gray mat - RAL 7022
  • Khaki satin - RAL 7008
  • Clay land matte - RAL 8003
  • Terra cotta matte - RAL 8004
  • Dense brown matte - RAL 8028

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Integrate the custom-made central hourglass leg into your dining room and give your furniture a more modern and industrial look.

Our design office finds a compromise between stability, aesthetics and practicality. That is to say the fact that the foot does not interfere with the occupants who are around the table. The size of the foot is designed to suit the size of the tray that you send us.

The foot profile is 100 x 20 mm and can support a load of 500 kg.

A maximum of 16 mounting holes with a diameter of 7 mm are provided on the stand, depending on its size, so that you can fix just your board.

This foot is sold individually.

Product Details
Sablier central SM

Data sheet

40 à 110 cm
50 à 160 cm
50 à 220 cm
Weight per leg
500 kg
100 x 20 mm
Point de fixation
Max 16 holes of 7mm diameter
Type de peinture
Powder coating
Forme de plateau
Rectangle, Carré, Ovale, Rond
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Bureau, Central, Ilot de cuisine, Table à manger, Table basse, Table haute, Mange debout
Par taille
Sur mesure
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