Round bed foot 15 cm

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This pretty round foot has the particularity of being customizable: choose the color of the round tube and the base plate.

It is designed to dress your beds, your sofas and your armchairs.

We also offer this model with a fixing plate, ideal for raising a piece of furniture.

Dress your beds and sofas with our feet because they too are part of your decoration and have the right to shine.

The particularity of this foot is the customization: you choose the color of the round tube and the color of the base plate. By differentiating the two, the round tube of the floor plate, you can choose to associate a timeless color with a more trendy color in order to play with the details in your decoration. You can also play the monochrome card by choosing the 2 pieces in the same color to intensify this choice of color.

This round footboard has a threaded rod attachment with a diameter of 8mm: just screw this foot under your bed or sofa in order to position it by tightening it as much as possible. With your foot, we also provide you with a nut, if necessary (depends on the type of fixing of your bed base).

The height of the round foot is 15 cm. The profile used is a round tube 4cm in diameter and the floor plate measures 8 cm in diameter.

This foot is sold individually.

Product Details
rond de lit fileté 15 cm

Data sheet

15 cm
Weight per leg
100 Kg
40 mm diameter tube
Diamètre au sol
Point de fixation
4 holes 7 mm in diameter
Type de peinture
Forme de plateau
Carré, Rectangle
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Par taille
15-20 cm

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