A H69,5 L70

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This foot is part of our Attic!

But what is our attic ? We explain in the description.

Model A is offered at a reduced price.
It is suitable for a dining table resting on one side on a piece of furniture.

A few scratches are visible on the foot.

The attic of La Fabrique

In an ecological approach, we offer second-hand feet at discounted prices. These bases had another life before they belonged to the attic: - Shooting or prototype
- Customer return or cancellation of order
- Non-compliant foot for new equipment
Certain bases may therefore show signs of wear and / or visible paint deficiencies . It's up to you to find them a new project and give them a makeover with a bomb, if necessary.


This A foot is part of our attic because it has a few claws.

The overall condition of the foot remains satisfactory. Ideal for a dining table project as an extension of an existing piece of furniture.
It has a height of 69.5 cm and a low width of 70 cm.

It is sold individually. Only one stand is available.

Product Details
grenier 18

Data sheet

69.5 cm
70 cm
Weight per leg
200 Kg
Plating Size
130 x 380 mm
Point de fixation
6 holes of 7mm diameter
Écartement au sol
Type de peinture
Forme de plateau
Rectangle, Carré, Ovale, Rond
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Bureau, Table à manger
Par taille
Sur mesure

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