Round tray


A round wooden top will be used mainly for creating a coffee table, a dining table or a high table. Main criterion: understand the available space. The choice of diameter must allow fluid circulation around this future table, including chairs and stools, if there are any.

Round tray



€330.00 - €810.00

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Forme de plateau

Very design, the round wooden tray makes you want to find a place for it in your decoration.

Before making this choice, a few points need to be clarified to ensure that this form of tray is the one that suits the room where it will be placed and your lifestyle..


A table can accommodate a different number of guests depending on your lifestyle. The size of the round wooden tray is therefore to be adapted. If you are used to receiving, remember to take a larger diameter compared to the number of daily guests.

Standard diameters in relation to the number of people seated :

  • - For 2 people > a diameter of 80 cm
  • - For 4 people > a diameter of ...
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