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Furnish and create an office: get started !

Create an office area in your living room, set up an office by making a modular and adaptable piece of furniture of course. What if this desk was also aesthetic.

The desk, so long seen as a functional piece of furniture and also on the way to becoming a decorative piece of furniture. What if the legs of your office table could not sublimate and make your furniture unique? ?

La Fabrique des Pieds supports you in your project to build a desk with a wide range of stable, robust and of course… always elegant bases.

Desk leg



€15.00 - €315.00

Par meuble

Par taille


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Forme de plateau

Pied configurable

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Create your office, adapt it to your interior

When we think of the layout of an office and its dining table , one immediately thinks of the modular, adaptable and practical functional aspect. The size of the office worktop must be sufficient, the seat comfortable so as not to break your neck or back while working ! Ideally, a desk at a depth of 60 to 70 cm .

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