Foot H 71 cm

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Farmhouse style H leg for a versatile dining table or desk.

Give your living or work space a rustic and charming vibe with our farmhouse-style H leg.

  • RAW UNVARNISHED - WARNING : No protection is applied - Makes visible the traces of grinding on the extremities of the foot.
  • Black - RAL 9005
  • White - RAL 9016
  • VARNISHED RAW - Transparent protective varnish applied - Makes visible the traces of grinding on the extremities of the foot.
  • Aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • Rendered rust - SX350F
  • Copper satin
  • Gold satin
  • Beige matte - RAL 1001
  • Beige brown satin - RAL 1011
  • Pastel yellow matte - RAL 1018
  • Yellow Curry satin - RAL 1032
  • Orange satiné - RAL 2003
  • Purple matte - RAL 3004
  • Aged rose satin - RAL 3014
  • Klein Blue matte - RAL 5002
  • Marin blue matte - RAL 5011
  • Sky blue matte - RAL 5024
  • Green Blue satin - RAL 6004
  • Green matte - RAL 6018
  • Pastel Green matte - RAL 6021
  • Mouse grey matte - RAL 7005
  • Shadow Gray mat - RAL 7022
  • Khaki satin - RAL 7008
  • Clay land matte - RAL 8003
  • Terra cotta matte - RAL 8004
  • Dense brown matte - RAL 8028
Adjustable pad (Warning finished height +7mm)
  • Yes
  • No
Bushing thickness
  • Crosspiece 80x80 mm
  • Crosspiece 50x50 mm

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This versatile table leg is made to create an indoor or outdoor dining table, as well as a functional desk. The farmhouse style is both traditional and on-trend, and our H leg perfectly embodies that timeless aesthetic. Its rustic and sturdy design adds a touch of character and warmth to any environment.

This versatile table leg is designed to meet your diverse needs. Turn it into a stunning dining table for meals. Its solid construction and weather resistance also make it an ideal choice for outdoor spaces such as patios or gardens. Plus, it can be used as a functional desk, providing ample space to work, study, or create.


It measures 71 cm high and 75 cm wide and has a 78x13mm plate.

It is made of steel with a profile of 80 by 80 mm. There are 8 fixing holes of 7mm in diameter and the screws are not provided.

The profile of the horizontal crosspiece can be chosen from:

- 80x80cm

- 50x50cm

We advise you to put felt under the foot to protect your foot and your floor.

This foot is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In the case of outdoor use, especially by the sea, we strongly recommend that you request our anti-corrosion undercoat option from our customer service:

Sold individually.

Product Details

Data sheet

71 cm
75 cm
Hauteur de l'insert
15 cm
Weight per leg
250 Kg
Plating Size
78x13 mm
80x80 mm
Point de fixation
8 mounting holes
Type de peinture
Forme de plateau
Rectangle, Ovale
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Table à manger, Bureau
Par taille
71 cm

Wood screw 60mm

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Wood screw 20 mm

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Wood screw 45 mm

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Wood screw 30 mm

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