Foot to enhance furniture


Enhance a piece of furniture and give it a new look

It's amazing how getting high can be good for everyone ... including our furniture! By raising a piece of furniture: a shelf, a chest of drawers, a TV cabinet, you will give it a new twist and much more finesse and elegance. Stable and robust, without forgetting design (of course!), The Fabrique's feet will allow you to give your furniture a new style..

Foot to enhance furniture



€15.00 - €75.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

Pied configurable

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15 cm more, discover the feet to enhance your furniture

To raise your furniture, you need 15 cm high feet. They come in different styles and colors to always perfect the decor and layout of your interior and of course make your creations unique.

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