Here are some tips, that will help you choose the right leg at the right height to create your furniture. If you need more information, feel free getting in touch with us through the contact form.


Your legs are available starting at 15 cm up to 120 cm.

You can have them custom to your own needs. Just have a look in our catalog.


For each leg, we indicate in the product list, the weight that it can support.


All legs have at least 3 holes to fix the legs to the table top.

In each package, we include a set of wood screws adapted to a table top of 20 mm thick.

For all table top with any other thickness (wood, chipboard), here is an information board about screw sizes you should get :

For thin table tops (<15mm) that can carry 40kg and more, we suggest you to drill a hole and fix it with a bolt and nut combo/system (have a look at the example)

For any other materials (glace, marble…), feel free asking us for more advices.

Choosing the right legs

Here are some tips to choose the right height depending on your furnitures :

To elevate a furniture

Small 15 cm legs are perfect for wardrobes, sofas and chairs or any other furnitures that needs a small height.

For a TV-media furniture

15 to 35 cm legs are perfect for a TV-media furniture. The final height will depend on your furniture’s height and weight, TV size and the look you want to create.

For a buffet

Buffets have a wide range of styles. If you are not sure, we suggest you having a total final buffet height of 60 to 80 cm.

For a sofa-coffe table

In general, those tables are 45 cm height but some of them are lower, with a 35 cm height. 

For a side / sleeping table

In general, those tables are 35 cm height.

For a bench

You can create from 1 to 5 places benches with our legs. 45 cm height legs are perfect. Hairpin legs’ style, 2 stems for 2 persons max. Hairpin legs’ style, 3 stems for 5 persons max.

For a sideboard or a console

For consoles, we suggest you to take 71 cm height legs. You could also use 90 cm height legs.

For a desk

71 cm height legs are ideal for desks. With table top thickness, this height is ideal to feel confortable. For small desks, 2 stems legs are enough. For 1mX1.5m desk, we recommand you to take 3 reinforced stems legs.

For dining room table

71 cm height legs are ideal for desks. With table top thickness, this height is ideal to feel confortable. For this kind of table, we recommand you taking 3 stems legs.

For a high end table

We recommand you 90 cm height legs.  For high bar table/bistro table, you can use 110 cm height legs.