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Which finition should i choose ?

We offer several colors: 

- Black

- Crude

- Copper

- White

- Gold

Can legs be customized?

The Fabrique can make you feet to measure. Take a look at our section "custom size" to find the variations that we make.

We realize custom-made centimeter by centimeter.

If you have a special request, contact us in the contact section.

How much weight can legs support?

On each product sheet, the weight that can support four or one foot is detailed.

What kind of mounting should I use?

We offer for sale on our website screws between 20mm and 65mm.

If your top is a bit old or damaged (recycled wood for example), you will have to use the longest screws possible.

If the wood is really soft and the heavy will be strong (for exemple wood from Ikea's furnitures), we do suggest to use a bolt and a nut across the woods.

Do you offer discount?

From 12 feet, send us an email to and we will study with you a special price offer.

What is the delivery time?

On average, all our feet are shipped within 5 days. For customized feet, it takes 7 working days for shipping.

The manufacturing time can vary from 1 to 5 weeks for larger orders. All feet are handcrafted by hand, hence the variation of the lead times compared to the quantity ordered.

What kind of tray can go on our feet?

All types of tray may be suitable:

  • Natural wood
  • Marble
  • Concrete
  • Palette
  • Recycled tray
  • Recycled furniture

The glass top is aesthetically disadvised because all our hairpin legs are fixed on decks. Once installed they will be visible and will spoil the aerial effect of the plateau.

Can our feet go outside?

All our feet are powder coated and stand up to all weather conditions. They can stay outdoors all year round without any risk of rust.

What equipment do I need to fix my feet? How to fix my feet?

Nothing more simple, with the screws purchased directly on the site, you only need a drill to fix the feet on your tray.

Can I pick up my order directly at the workshop?

Yes totally, it's an opportunity to come to the Fabrique. Simply check the box "remove at the workshop" when placing an order. We will then set an appointment for you to recover your order.

In which country can we deliver?

La Fabrique des Pieds delivers internationally! We have already sent feet in Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, the West Indies ….

Are the tables stable?

All our feet are robust and resistant when there are 4. If you want to put only 2, for a console for example, we strongly advise you to hang on the wall with small squares.

Do the feet damage the floor (tiles or parquet) ?

The feet do not particularly damage the different floors. It also depends on the use of the furniture.

In the accessories category, we propose skates to put at the end of each foot to protect your parquet / tiles.

J'ai commandé des pieds différents et je ne les ai pas tous reçu, est-ce normal ?

Nos pieds ont des tailles différentes et sont donc envoyés dans des cartons différents pour éviter un maximum de choc. Il se peut donc qu'il y ait un décalage de livraison de quelques jours entre différents pieds commandés le même jour. De plus certains pieds sont fabriqués en décalage dû à des gabarits différents.