Square tray


The square table top exists but does not dethrone rectangular tables and round tables. It is less common to have the space available in a house to choose it because often the rooms are rectangular and therefore do not allow fluidity of circulation around.

All that remains is that the square table top still finds its audience because it is very design. It imposes in a decoration. Its most common use is especially for coffee tables.

Square tray



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The most standard dimensions for creating a coffee table with a square top are as follows :

  • - 100 cm: for a beautiful and large square coffee table enthroned in the middle of the living room, this size of top is often associated with thin and graphic legs so as not to visually weigh down the piece of furniture. Especially cubic feet
  • - 80 cm: for a square coffee table without cluttering the space. More concentrated, the preference goes to a more worked and central foot like the mikado foot or the hourglass foot
  • - 45 to 30 cm: given the narrower dimension for ...
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