Kitchen island leg


Design your kitchen: get started and build a kitchen island

Making a kitchen island creates coziness and maximizes the space in your kitchen. Want to rearrange the kitchen or furnish it? It is not always easy to find the balance between aesthetics, robustness and price. At La Fabrique des Pieds, you have come to the right place: we support you in your project Build a kitchen island by offering you resolutely aesthetic and design feet, robust and stable, at the height and thickness you want, the all at a very reasonable price. Island kitchen feet, inexpensive, it is possible; Welcome to la Fabrique !

Kitchen island leg



€15.00 - €150.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

From the dream to the realization of the kitchen island

Stability and robustness of the feet

Whether you want to create a wooden kitchen island, whether the island's worktop is in quartz, marble, wood, composite, all the feet offered by the Fabrique provide strength, stability and durability to your kitchen island. And each style of feet will highlight the material you have chosen for your worktop.

Adjustable feet for any shape of island

Your kitchen island may be attached to the wall, independent, central cabinet in your kitchen. He mixes different heights to create different atmospheres and functions such as a bar, a long worktop and a dining area. Everything is possible and that is why our feet are customizable and adjustable to your desires and needs.

Adaptable feet to create your island

When you rearrange your kitchen, you optimize it to your constraints, especially the furniture you already have or your new ones. The height of the furniture is difficult to change. This is where having kitchen island legs that adapt to this constraint is very practical for fitting out your kitchen.

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