Foot of the bed


Only one category was missing to complete our range: zoom on the bed legs collection. They are essential elements that add a distinctive touch to your bedroom. Our collection offers a variety of styles, materials and finishes to suit all tastes and harmoniously elevate all types of beds.

These supports, often discreet in their appearance, are the silent pillars that support our nights. Despite their fundamental functionality, they are also stylish elements that add aesthetics to the bedroom.

Foot of the bed



€15.00 - €45.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

From a practical point of view, they support the weight of the mattress, box spring, duvets and, of course, the occupants of the bed. Their design and robustness contribute to the durability and overall stability of the bed. Whether they are made of metal or other materials, they must be chosen carefully to meet the specific needs of the bed and bed frame.

It is therefore partly thanks to them, in addition to your pillow and your duvet, that everyone benefits from restful sleep.

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