Coffee table leg


Enhance the decor of your living room and create your coffee table ?

The living room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the decoration of your living room. It is towards this piece of furniture that the gaze of your guests is directed when they enter this room.

For a guaranteed Wow effect, don't panic! This is the magic of the coffee table, anything goes, in form, style and color! La Fabrique des Pieds offers a rich, varied and complete range of living room table legs that will enhance your furniture. Here we go, let's go to the Building your living room table project! La Fabrique supports you.

Coffee table leg



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The living room table: the piece of furniture to have

A central living element in the house, the living room is the place where people meet, where the children play, where you receive your friends, where you watch TV or even read on your sofa. We spend a lot of time there !

The living room table is the piece of furniture that catches the eye and catalyzes the decor of this living room. It can combine originality, aesthetics and modularity.

Do not neglect your coffee table, while next to your TV cabinet , where yourbuffet heighten have very beautiful feet. Even your stool in the corner of the room with its growing plant.

Make your living room table, find the suitable table legs

If you can, it is not 1 but 2 living room tables that you need. La Fabrique gives you a tip: the seat of a sofa or an armchair measures 40 to 50 cm . So that you don't have to bend over, just be at the right height to grab your glass, mug or book… the legs of your coffee table should measure 40 cm . It's theperfect height for a coffee table and functional !

And that's where the trick comes in: a second living room table, smaller this time, will be super practical and useful for creating a removable living room table, a sofa end that moves. Put magazines or decorative items on it, it only asks to be sublimated. The table legs then measure 30 cm.

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