Console leg


Looking for a trendy, do-it-all piece of furniture, what if you made a console?

A console is surely one of the most practical and versatile pieces of furniture. You can do everything and put it everywhere: entrance console, hallway console, console with drawer, small console, bedroom console, everything is good in the console !

Making a console is a very affordable project, especially when you are new to designing your home and doing it yourself (DIY). La Fabrique des Pieds supports you in your project by offering you a complete and varied range of console feet, they will enhance your interior. Here we go, get started ?

Console leg



€15.00 - €195.00

Par meuble

Par taille


Sur mesure


Forme de plateau

Pied configurable

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Find the right dimensions for your project Make a console

The console cabinet is ultra practical and modular. As an entrance console, it allows you to put a handbag or your keys, also to decorate. In a living room, close to yourTV cabinet or your coffee table, the console can be on the back of the sofa and allow you to store books. Making your console from a vintage piece of furniture or a custom (or standard) wooden top is often a good tip to have a quality piece of furniture, unique at a good quality ratio /cost.

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