TV furniture leg


Make your TV cabinet and add a decorative touch with La Fabrique's feet !

It is always easier to put a TV on a piece of furniture than to mount it on a wall. A TV cabinet is of course the one where you will put your TV there, store your internet box, books and maybe even old collector's DVDs, dear to your memory. In addition to being modular, your TV cabinet can add a decorative touch to your living room with, why not, its own style. Create it yourself or customize an existing sideboard TV cabinet with steel legs made in La Fabrique des Pieds and you will have an original and trendy TV cabinet.

TV furniture leg



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Create your TV cabinet, where to start ?

It is an ultra practical piece of furniture, easy enough to embark on an interior design project, a DIY project.

From an existing piece of furniture

With boxes, IKEA style, you just need to assemble them with a wooden board and enhance an existing piece of furniture with small 15 cm feet. Everything is done to create a sideboard TV cabinet.

From a wooden board

Recovered from an old table or bought from a DIY store, from a cabinetmaker, sawmill or craftsman, you can create a simple, uncluttered, very trendy TV cabinet by mixing steel and wood legs (or marble or quartz too !).

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