Square tray 100x100 cm

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This 100 cm square top is designed for dining tables for 4 to 6 guests. It is available in 3 thicknesses.

In solid oak, this table top is made in a northern sawmill.

It combines perfectly with a central V medium or a central triple medium. Depending on the desired style, choose the design that suits you.

Wood essence
  • Solid ash
  • oak
  • 2,2 cm
  • 3,6 cm
  • 5,7 cm
Side of the tray
  • straight edge
  • Live edge
  • Airplane wing
  • Half rounded

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Designed for 4 to 6 people, we explain how to arrange your guests according to the number :

- For 4 people: 1 guest per side
- For 6 people: 2 guests on 2 opposite sides and 2 guests on the other opposite sides

Whatever the number of guests, accompany this top with a medium central V or a medium triple central leg to create a beautiful dining table.

This tray is made of solid oak from a French forest and is offered to you raw, that is to say without a protective finish. It's up to you to apply the finish you want, to highlight the knots and the beauty of the wood.

Sold individually (without foot, without fixing holes and without screws provided)

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Data sheet

100 cm
100 cm
Type of wood
Weight for a thickness of 3.6 cm
30,6 Kg
Forme de plateau
Par meuble
Table à manger

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