Bedside table 40x40x40 cm

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This bedside table is designed using a cubic leg and a square top. The upper fits the shape of the foot perfectly.

Designed as a bedside table or side table, it will dress up a bedroom or living room.


The cubic foot measures 40 cm high, 40 cm wide and 40 cm deep.

This model is made from a 20x20x2mm square profile.

8 fixing holes are provided per leg to attach the tray.


The tray measures 40cm long and wide and 2.2cm thick.

The fields are straight and this one is supplied varnished.


Sold with the necessary screws and glides to protect your floor.

Turn the tray over on the ground (the side under your eyes corresponds to the invisible side once installed) and position the foot edge to edge with the tray. Screw using a screwdriver and the hinge screws provided.

The kit contains:

  • - 1 cubic foot

  • - 1 square tray

  • - 8 hinge screws 35 mm

  • - Pads

Product Details
Table chevet 40x40x40

Data sheet

40 cm
40 cm
40 cm
Plating Size
40x40x2 mm
20x20x2 mm
Point de fixation
8 holes / foot
Type de peinture
Powder coating
Forme de plateau
Sur mesure
Par meuble
Bout de canapé
Par taille
40 cm
Field thickness
22 mm
Field type
Right field
Tray protection

Wood screw 60mm

(10 reviews)

Wood screw 20 mm

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Wood screw 45 mm

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Wood screw 30 mm

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